Sai vishnus viral conversation from bb house channels explanation

The other day, two contestants from the Big Boss house were jailed. Bigboss and his rivals locked up in jail those who had performed poorly in past tasks. Kitilam Firoz and Sai Vishnu are currently in jail. The other two were jailed the other day while other contestants sang and danced. Afterwards, Feroz and Sai Vishnu, who were inside the jail, had a conversation with the contestants outside the jail . The audience noticed that Sai Vishnu had said, “Put your mobile phone in the same place.”

The uniqueness of the Big Boss show is that you can spend a hundred days with people working in many different fields without any connection to the outside world. The use of phones or other technologies is not permitted here. Not only that, everyone is under camera surveillance around the clock. Meanwhile, all the audience was skeptical about how mobile.

Many viewers have spoken out against Bigg Boss on social media. There was a lot of criticism that it was scripted and that the contestants were playing fake play. Meanwhile, Big Boss lovers are paying attention to the explanation that came out on the side of the channel. The channel says this is by no means a doubt.

The response to the issue on BB Cafe was that Sai Vishnu was denouncing something else and that it was representing some other event. The presenter says that in some areas, especially in the absence of work and wages, the ideal is to say so and no longer know what Sai meant. The presenter also admits that a rural slang is coming up in it.

He says mobile or any other such items cannot be loaded into a house like BigBoss and such an event is unlikely as all the contestants have gone inside after proper scanning. Now, even if it was a scripted show, the presenter asks if he would have edited the part where the dialogue came from and if he had not done so. The presenter asserts that there is no need to think of such a doubt.

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