Safety advice

Do not link anonymous Open & nbsp;
If a stranger contacts you via WhatsApp, don’t answer him. In addition, if a stranger shares any link with you, do not open it. Do not share your bank details with anyone. Never share if someone asks for a debit card, credit card PIN and internet banking password.

Do not download unknown files < /strong>
If any media file comes with a new number, never download it. There may be a virus that hacks your account in that file. Disable Auto Download on your phone. Go to the settings of WhatsApp and change the settings to go to data and storage usage. It does not automatically download any file.

Deactivate the account immediately < /strong>
Do not share the OTP on the phone with any bank account or e-wallet with anyone for any small or large cash transaction. If you lose your phone, first disable WhatsApp. For this, you can email [email protected] or login to WhatsApp from another phone and then delete or deactivate WhatsApp.

Avoid the use of public Wi-Fi < /strong>
After changing the phone, first go to the phone’s settings and delete all the data on the phone and reset to the factory version so that your information is secure. Avoid using unknown or public Wi-Fi, which increases your chances of hacking. Many times hackers can hack your phone online fraud via Wi-Fi.

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