Rushikesh Reddy became IAS with this tactic

IAS Topper Rushikesh Reddy’s Success Story: On the journey of the UPSC, those who brave the failures, they will surely succeed. Today we tell you about the journey of IAS own Rushikesh Reddy, who took a long time to get here and failed many times. However, he continued to work patiently, thus fulfilling his dream of becoming an IAS. His story is an example for all of us today.

Such was the journey of the UPSC
Rushikesh, a native of Andhra Pradesh, was very active in his studies since childhood. It is for this reason that he cleared the entrance to IIT after the interval. After graduating from IIT Delhi he decided to go to UPSC. He failed on the first two attempts, making it hard for him not to get discouraged. On the third attempt, he passed the exam but the rank was 374, under which he got the Indian Railways. When he made the fourth attempt, he failed the pre-test. After this he made one more attempt and got a rank of 95 on the fifth attempt.

Depending on self study
On the one hand, while most people consider coaching a necessity for the UPSC, on the other hand, all those who have cleared the test are advised to focus on self-study. Rushikesh Reddy believes that if you cannot do coaching, there is no need to fear. Trust in self-study and start working hard. With the help of self study and good refinement, you can succeed here.

Watch Rushikesh’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Rushikesh Reddy advises others
Rushikesh believes that you should strengthen yourself physically and mentally while preparing for UPSC. You must be prepared to deal with every situation on this journey. They say one should not be discouraged from getting a failure here, but find their flaws and fix them. If you work hard, you can definitely achieve your destination.

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