Revamped Bengaluru Airport runway will be operational soon Dr. Ashwath Narayana

BANGALORE: The work on the reconstruction of the old (former) runway at Kempegowda International Airport will be completed by the end of this month, Deputy Chief Minister Dr CNN Ashwaththanarayana said.

He inspected the airport and inspected the works and said that the work is nearing completion and that the work on the final stage is underway.

The airline is currently operating on the new runway and will begin operation on the old runway, which was rebuilt by the end of next month. Mumbai’s AIC Infrastructure Corporation has completed the project at a cost of Rs 260 crore. DCM informed that it had built up a record low in cost.

The runway length is 4 km and the lights are now installed in the middle of the runway. This will greatly facilitate air traffic. In addition, a taxiway and drainage and airfield lighting system have been made, he said.

With the launch of this runway, Kempegowda International Airport can handle 60 to 75 million passengers a year on both runways. The deputy chief minister said that this would benefit the Bangalore International Airport Authority.

Covid’s hardship has caused a huge loss to the airport authority. . Prior to Kovid, 33 million passengers traveled annually. That number has since dropped to 12 million. He said passenger increases could be expected in the coming days. Airport officials were in attendance at the event.

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