Report – For the first time in the country, the number of female teachers exceeds the number of male teachers

This is the first time that the number of female teachers in the country’s schools is higher than that of male teachers. According to the Unified District in School Education (U-DISE) 2019-20 report released last week, female school teachers in India outperform their male counterparts for the first time. Of the 96.8 lakh teachers in the country, 49.2 lakh are women. The U-DISE report is released annually by the Department of School Education and Literacy under the Ministry of Education.

There has been an increase in the number of women teachers since 2013

There were 35.8 lakh women teachers and 42.4 lakh men in 2012-13. During this period, the number of female teachers in schools increased by more than 37% in seven years. The number of male teachers increased from 42.4 lakh to 47.7 lakh during the same period.

However, female teachers are only superior in the elementary level. According to the report, there is an increase in the number of male teachers in the classrooms after higher primary. There are more than 1 lakh women teachers for 27,000 men in pre-primary level.

High ratio in primary grade Is balanced

This ratio is highly balanced with 19.6 lakh female teachers and 15.7 lakh male teachers in the primary grade. There are 11.5 lakh male and 10.6 lakh female teachers in upper primary classes. After this, there is an increase in the number of female and male teachers in the classroom. There are 6.3 lakh male and 5.2 lakh female teachers in secondary schools. At the same time, there are 3.7 lakh male teachers in Higher Secondary and 2.8 lakh female teachers.

A large number of male teachers in government and aided schools

While there are a large number of male teachers in government and aided schools, female teachers outperform in unaided private schools. There are more male teachers than women in higher ranks in the larger states except Kerala, Delhi, Meghalaya, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. These states have more female teachers than men in the secondary and upper secondary classes.

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