Rajesh Verma became a SDM after working hard for 5 years and then working hard for 5 years. Learn the secret of success

Success Story by UPPCS Topper Rajesh Verma: Some people are weak in study during their childhood, but because of hard work they pass all the big competitive exams. Today we will tell you about Rajesh Kumar Verma, who was ranked 23rd in UPPCS Examination 2020. Rajesh was not very keen on studying since childhood, but worked hard for 5 years and changed his fortune. Many times he failed, but he was determined to succeed. Finally, on his third attempt, he fulfilled his dream of becoming an officer.

Rajesh is learning in Hindi media
Rajesh, the SDM, did most of his study in Hindi. But while preparing, he never thought of his medium. He believed that with his hard work, he could fulfill his dream of becoming an officer from any media. He made the entire preparation of UPPCS with Hindi media and also achieved success. They believe that your past background and media of study does not matter here. You have to constantly strive to be successful here.

Such was the journey of the UPPCS
After Rajesh passed the preliminary and main exams in 2018 but reached the interview round he was not selected. After failing, his confidence plummeted a bit and this is why he failed the main exam in 2019. He prepared himself well before the third attempt. Finally, in 2020, he passed all three phases of the exam and took up the SDM post.

Watch Rajesh Verma’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Rajesh’s advice to other candidates
Rajesh believes that even if you are average in studies, you should not go back if you get a chance to prepare. They believe that with hard work you can achieve anything. Rajesh says prepare a separate schedule for pre-test, mains and interview. If you do this your chances of success in UPPCS will increase significantly.

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