Protect your smartphone data from hackers, follow these four tips

Avoid third-party applications
Avoid downloading third-party apps. Always download the app from the Google Play Store. Most third-party applications contain such links that are affected by malware and work to steal the phone’s personal information.

Install software or security updates.
If any smartphone company offers software or security updates on your phone, definitely install it on the phone. These include many security features that are considered very important to the phone. & nbsp;

Do not open an unknown number link
If any link comes from an unknown number, don’t open it without checking it. This link is very dangerous. With their help, hackers hack you mobile security and get your phone’s personal information."text-align: assert;"> Password must be entered on the smartphone
First, put a password, PIN or pattern on your smartphone. It is not necessary to steal your data online. Sometimes people around you are also interested in your personal data. That is why it is important to keep a password, PIN or pattern on the phone.

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