Pegasus Spyware Can Hack Your Phone, Learn How To Be Safe

Pegasus Spyware: Pegasus spyware made by an Israeli firm is once again in the news. The last time people in India heard about this spyware was when some WhatsApp users received messages that Pegasus had hacked their phones. Many of the victims of this spyware include journalists and activists. Governments around the world use this spyware a lot. There are frequent reports that many people’s phones have been hacked with this help. People are trying to know what it is and how it can hack people’s phones and whatsapp.

What is Pegasus?
Pegasus is a spyware developed by the Israeli company NSO Group. It first came to light in 2016, after an Arab activist received a suspicious message. Pegasus spyware was believed to target iPhone users. Apple has since released an updated version of iOS that reportedly corrected security flaws that Pegasus is using to hack the phone. However, experts say that after a year, this spyware can affect Android phones as well.

Why is Pegasus now in the headlines?
This spyware is called the “most sophisticated” phone hacking tool. It has been used many times, and we still hear their stories today. Notably, the existence of Pegasus has been confirmed by the NSO Group. The Israeli company, however, said it only sells equipment to governments and is not responsible for its misuse. Surprisingly, after the phone has been hacked by this spyware, users may not even know it. It can hack your device and get information about all the apps, including WhatsApp.

How can this affect your phone?
If your phone is hit by this spyware, it can also access your end-to-end encrypted chats. According to research, Pegasus can see your messages, track your calls, and track user app activity. In addition, it can affect your location, data, and even video camera data. Governments around the world use this spyware to spy on people.

How to avoid this spyware?
Although this spyware is sophisticated, many companies have improved the security of apps and phones. So there is nothing to worry about. If you use the latest versions of apps on your iPhone or Android, your phone is less likely to be hacked. From time to time, review the security of your social media account and take necessary actions. If you see any suspicious message or link, do not click on it.

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