OnePlus and Oppo have merged, so the decision has been made

The two largest companies in the smartphone world have merged. China’s popular smartphone company OnePlus and Oppo have merged, and OnePlus has now become a subsidiary of Oppo. Both these companies come under BBK Electronics. Both companies made the decision to mobilize more and more resources.

R&D had previously been merged
Recently, Oppo and OnePlus merged their research and development team. At the same time, taking it forward, both companies are merging into themselves. Pete Law and Carl Pee, co-founders of OnePlus, have previously worked together in Oppo. “We have merged many of our teams with Oppo to streamline our operations and take advantage of additional shared resources,” said OnePlus CEO Law. Now after this we have decided to merge our firm with Oppo.

OnePlus operates independently
After this merger, OnePlus will continue to operate independently and the brand name will continue. But both companies share resources and teams with each other. Before that, these companies were working together. But now it will be official.

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