On World Emoji Day, Facebook launches SoundMozies, Learn How to Use

Today World Emoji Day is being celebrated in the country and the world. Social media giant Facebook has released new emojis. The specialty of this emoji launched under the name of Soundmojis is that they are talking. The company did this for Facebook Messenger. It gives users a better experience. Facebook was the first company to come up with voice emojis.

These emojis are special
Facebook claims that SoundMozis is the next step in emoji, which enables users to send messages with a sound clip on an emoji. In this, users get many different options. These emojis include clapping, cricket, drumroll. Facebook Messenger Vice President Loredana Krisen says that in this case you can say what you mean by words, but now emojis also sound. Users have the option of combining which emojis with which sound.

Can be used this way

To use Facebook Messenger’s new SoundMoji, first open the Messenger app.
Now go to the typing section of the chat bar and click on the smiley face.
After opening the Expression menu here, open the Loud Speaker icon.
After this you can preview the emoji sound before sending it.
Once this is done, send the soundmoji you want to send.

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