On which device your Gmail account is logged in, you can know this

Gmail Security Tips: The Gmail account is a key requirement today. It is essential for everything connected to the Internet. Its safety is also very important. We may leak our personal data if we are not careful. So we have to be careful.

Often we have to login our Gmail ID to a laptop or computer other than our system and we have forgotten to log out of it for any reason that hastily or because our personal data and e-mails are leaked.

Don’t be afraid if this happens to you because you’ll be able to log out of your Gmail account from anywhere with a special method. Get to know the whole process …

  • To find out where Gmail ID is logged in, you need to go to the Chrome browser.
  • Login here by entering your Gmail ID and password.
  • Go to Gmail’s settings.
  • Here you will see the option to change the account settings.
  • It has another Google Account setting, click on it.
  • A new window opens in front of you, tap Security and click on your device.
  • Here you will see devices that login to your Gmail ID.
  • From here you can log out of Gmail ID.

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