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Now you will be able to pause while recording a voice message on WhatsApp, this special feature is coming

WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp, the instant messaging app known for its best features around the world, is updating its voice message feature. With this feature, users can make their work much easier. In fact, after the update of this feature, you will be able to pause the voice message. First, you didn’t get the pause option when recording a voice message. Tell us in detail about it.

Voice message may pause
According to the WABetaInfo report, which tracks WhatsApp updates, the new feature of voice messages is still working. With the help of this special feature, users will also be able to pause when recording a voice message. So far you have the option of recording the entire message at once. The company does not currently offer the facility to pause the recording.

This feature will also be launched
The global voice message player feature is also coming to WhatsApp. With the help of this global voice message feature, users will be able to hear incoming voice messages outside the chat window. So far if you are listening to a voice message in a chat and you leave the chat the message will automatically close. But now it won’t.

Can be played and dismissed
The Global Voice Message Player feature will be on WhatsApp. For this reason it can appear in any section of the user app. Reportedly, in this feature, users have the option of playing or dismissing a voice message at any time.

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