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Now you don’t have to go to the bank for KYC, this way, sit at home and update it

Online KYC: There is good news for bank account holders. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has extended the KYC renewal deadline for bank accounts. Now the KYC process can be done until 31st March 2022. This date was previously set as 31 December 2021. The RBI has taken this decision in view of the growing number of cases of Omicron mutations. Moreover, customers who cannot go to the bank can sit at home and make KYC, RBI said in its notification. Let us tell you how you can sit at home and make KYC.

Option to make KYC from home

You have many options to make KYC from home. You can try any of these.

1. By email or post

If you are not in a position to go to the bank, you can also get KYC by emailing your documents to the bank. You can take the bank’s email id by visiting its website. In addition, you can complete KYC by posting your documents to your home branch.

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2. From Aadhaar card

You can even sit at home with your Aadhaar card and make your bank account KYC. However, the number registered in the bank and the Aadhaar number must be the same. Because OTP comes in the process, you have to tell it.

3. Video KYC

Since the introduction of Corona, many banks have now launched a video KYC facility. You can also make your KYC with this option. For this, go to your bank’s website and watch the video KYC. Click on this option if it is available. Your video call will then be forwarded to the bank executive. He asks you to show your records. You can make KYC online by showing documents.

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4. Through Net Banking

If you are using NetBanking, you can also do KYC. Some banks also offer online KYC facility through netbanking.

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