Now women on Facebook-Twitter are able to know who can message and who can’t

Millions of women are being harassed every day around the world. At the same time, not even social media was involved. You should often see women’s posts on any social media forum being vulgar, but now companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and TickTalk have made preparations to control it.

‘Makes this change’
In fact, Twitter, Google, Facebook and TickTalk now say we make such changes to our platforms so that women are safe on social media. In addition, some of these new features are brought in, whereby women decide for themselves who can and cannot see their posts, who can see their posts, and who can comment on their photos. What’s special is that women can also decide who can message and who can’t.

So many percent of women are worried
According to Azmina Dahrodia, senior policy manager at the Web Foundation, 38 percent of women have been harassed in some way or another in the past, but now the number has risen to 45 percent. In addition, 63 percent of women are stocked on social media. Their id is also hacked. Seeing all this, it seems that women are not safe on social media.

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