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Now that WhatsApp user chats are backed up, the company has brought this special security feature

WhatsApp There is one good news for users. In fact, now WhatsApp has more security than before. The company offers end-to-end encrypted chat backup service for its Android and iOS users so that your chats stay private. This feature will be introduced to the users soon. Now the question is, how do we use it, so we’re telling you about it too. Tell us how you can use this feature.

No one can enter
After this new feature of WhatsApp, users will only be able to use this backup if they choose to back up their chat history with end-to-end encryption. Also no one will be able to unlock this backup. WhatsApp and its backup service providers are also unable to access this backup.

Available for Android and iOS
According to WhatsApp, with end-to-end encrypted backup, the company offers security to its users by sending messages to them and collecting them in the cloud. The company claims that no other messaging service provider offers this much security to its customers. This service is available for both Android and iOS users.

Use this way

  • To use this feature, first go to WhatsApp’s settings
  • After that tap the Chats option here
  • Now go to the chat option, click on the chat backup
  • Once this is done, go to the end-to-end encrypted backup here and use it

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Tips: Even after seeing the WhatsApp status, the person in front of you will not be able to know.

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