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Now that there is no tension to recharge when mobile data is depleted, Geo is offering data credit

Best Recharge Plan: Mobile data is one of the biggest problems in working from home nowadays. At work, the daily limit of mobile data is quickly exhausted. After the data is finished, the network stops working and has trouble working. It is not necessary to always have money in everyone’s bank account and it must be recharged immediately. Reliance Jio has come up with a special plan to solve their problem. Under this plan, you can take out a mobile data loan immediately. Tell us what the whole plan of the company is and how you can take advantage of it.

What is the plan

Reliance Jio launched Emergency Data Loan a few days ago. The project is becoming quite popular with the concept of Recharge Now, Pay Later. Under this scheme, Jio users can borrow Insta data by visiting the My Jio app as soon as the data is empty. For this, you get the option to pay on the next recharge or in between. Under the plan, you can take up to 5 times the Insta data loan. 1 GB of Mobile Data is available in 1 package, priced at Rs.

You can take advantage of this

  • First go to My Geo Op. On the homepage here, you’ll see an emergency data loan written in the middle. If this option is not visible here, you can go to the mobile service option and search for it.
  • When the Emergency Data Loan option appears, click on it.
  • Next you will get the option ‘Get Emergency Data’.
  • When clicked here, select the option with 1 GB of data and press the Activate button.
  • As soon as you activate the project you get a data loan.

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