Now sit at home for just Rs 1 for your mobile number and learn all the details of the new rule

The central government has recently taken a big decision for mobile users. In fact, the Modi government has made it very easy to take the mobile connection or change it from pre-paid to postpaid and postpaid. Not only that, but now you don’t have to go out to change your number from post-pad to pre-paid. Now you can sit at home and do all the KYC work online. Now you do not need to fill out any form.

KYC will be sitting at home
The central government has made clear in its decision that mobile users will be able to fill their homes with KYC online. All this work is done by Op. For this only one rupee must be charged. At the same time, switching from pre-paid to postpaid and postpaid to pre-paid does not even require a new KYC, that is, the KYC process does not have to be repeated.

Get rid of the lengthy process
With this decision of the government, the customers are relieved of a lengthy process, which requires a lot of paperwork, from filling out a new form every time, including aadhaar card with porting, photo and signature. After this, the digital KYC process is done by telecom companies. Incorrect records were uploaded several times during this time and then companies used to ask for KYC again from customers. At the same time, all this work is now done at home.

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