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Now it’s easy to get away from Instagram, you’ll soon be able to delete an account from a phone app

Instagram Update: The number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. At the same time, there are many such people whose minds are filled with this and they want to take a break from here. In the process, they want to delete their Instagram account, but deleting their Instagram account is not that easy. No such feature is available in the mobile app. Instagram currently offers the option to delete an account on a mobile browser or on a computer’s Internet browser. After receiving complaints about this complex process, Instagram is now set to bring a special feature for its users. Under this, you will be able to delete your account directly from the mobile app.

What will be the new feature

According to the report, the meta-owned company continues to offer users new features. This option has been in demand for a long time. In such a situation, the company has now begun its work. Its testing is currently underway. Soon this feature will be released to all users. Once this feature is introduced, it will be easier for people to delete their Instagram account.

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This way it works

Under the feature that the company is working on to delete the account, you have to go to your profile selection. After this you will see three rows on the top right. By clicking on it, you have to go to the setting option. Now clicking on the Account section, you will see this new option that will write your account Delete. Keep in mind that this feature has not yet been released to everyone. You will see this option only after release.

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