No need to go to any office to get a voter ID card, apply online

All adult citizens must vote in a democracy. While it is our civic duty to vote, the people who vote for the first time are quite infatuated with it. If any member of your family is over 18 years old, he or she must first produce his voter ID card.

Now you don’t have to go to any office to get your voter ID but you have to sit at home online. This card can. We are telling you the entire process to complete it online.

Get this kind of online voter ID card & nbsp;

  • First National Voter Service Portal (NVSP)
  • Click ‘Apply Online for New Voter Registration’.
  • After this you will see a form in which you must fill in your name, address and date of birth.
  • After filling out all this information, you need to upload the necessary documents. Your address and date of birth will only be confirmed by these documents.
  • After completing all the steps correctly, click Submit.
  • After that, the email id you provided will be sent on the voter ID card.

After this you will be able to easily check the status of your voter identity card. Within a month you will have your own voter ID card.

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