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Nishant Jain left the IAS to become a clerk

UPSC Success Story: Hard work or hard work is the true wealth of man. It is impossible to succeed without hard work. The story of IAS officer Nishant Jain makes a similar statement.

Nishant Jain passed the UPSC exam in 2014. He was ranked among the first fifteen candidates, he is a student of Hindi medium. He understood Hindi as his strength, as well as educated in Hindi medium from primary to graduate college and only gave UPSC exam in Hindi.

Nishant Jain was originally from Meerut, UP, who belonged to a simple family. Nishant has never been disappointed with his choice of Hindi. Knowledge is a must. Whatever the language, it doesn’t matter. With this in mind, she completed her studies with complete dedication. He is a big fan of Hindi poet Dushyant Kumar. He believes that students who are reading Dushyant Kumar can never be disappointed. So they should read more and more.

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Nishant wanted to be an IAS officer. After graduation, Nishant applied for a job and got a job. His first job was as clerk in the postal department. He also had a bachelor’s degree in work. But at the time of this job, he was not getting time to prepare for UPSC, so he quit this job. Whatever the case, IAS decided. After that it was a hard success. Nishant is an IAS of Rajasthan cadre and is taking on a big responsibility in the tourism department of Jaipur.

English is also required
Nishant, who has a good grip on Hindi, believes that a little English knowledge is also needed. That is why English is also important. Good notes are only available in English on the website. He says that if I had little or no English knowledge I would have had a lot of problems. Nishant says that whoever makes a persistent effort without believing in him, will surely be successful. Sometimes it can take time, but the effort in the right direction is never wasted.

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