Nine people were caught by Jaipur police in a ‘neat paper leak’ case

Every year thousands of students from across the country qualify for NEET and enter medical colleges to become doctors. At the same time, this test has now come to the circle of questions. In fact, there was a nationwide NEET test last Sunday. At the same time, police in Jaipur have revealed that the neat paper has been leaked. About nine people have been arrested by Jaipur police in this case.

Paper leaked at Bhangrota area test center

About 16 lakh candidates attended the NEET examination this year and the paper claims leaks at the Bhangrota area test center in Jaipur police district. The test began on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm and the paper was opened and the paper was sent to the Sikar District Coaching Center after being photographed on WhatsApp. Teachers who attended the coaching center wrote answers to 172 questions in two of the papers and sent them back to the disaster center at 4.30 pm. A student taking the exam at this center copied these 172 questions and dropped them in her answer sheet. However, many of the gang, including this student, were arrested by the police.

35 lakhs has been dealt for the student to pass

At the same time, in this entire case, police were informed that a mobile phone, taken by a Neet Paper photo and sent via WhatsApp, was seized. In addition, 10 lakhs of cash and Rs. Student Dhaneshwari passed the contract for Rs 35 lakh and decided to give half of the money before and during the exam.

Police also arrested 6 medical students

Ram Singh, the superintendent of the Bhangrota Mukesh Samota test center and the center’s supervisor, were also caught. In addition, six medical students who were attending NEET instead of weak candidates were arrested by various examination centers. The king of this gang was Pin Rajan Rajaguru, who was the second topper in the Rajasthan Pre-Medical Examination 2010 and is currently employed as a medical officer in Chittorgarh.

The accused identified the children of a wealthy family at the coaching center

The accused Rajan Rajaguru first identifies the children belonging to a wealthy family at the coaching center. After contacting the families of these children, they were arranged to have the child sit on the check for twenty five lakh rupees. The 6 medical students arrested by the police were administering tests in the place of such vulnerable children. Of these, two students are also included. Prachi is a third year student of Parmar Dehradun Medical College and Priya Chaudhary is a third year MBBS student at Bharatpur Medical College. Similarly, Pradhuman Singh of Dehradun Medical College, Sawar Mal Sutar of Banaras Medical College, Praveen Manda and Ankit Yadav of the same medical college have been traced to another student.

Master Mind Rajan Rajaguru has revealed shocking

Master Mind Rajan Rajaguru himself has said the most surprising thing that has come to the fore in this whole thing. This revelation of Rajan opens the eyes of the people who want their children to become doctors but by paying for it and passing the NEET exam. Rajan Rajaguru told police that two years ago, a student of Jhunjhunu and Dimple similarly cheated and passed the NEET examination. Dimple also got admission into medical college but she couldn’t pass MBBS first year in two years and quit MBBS. In such a situation, even after spending lakhs of rupees, they have passed the NEET, and they have achieved it. Children and their parents who wish to pass the NEE exam through fraud must understand this.

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