News of Kerala schools: Waste disposal measures are now being taught in Kerala schools

Kerala Education Minister V Shivankutty told the Assembly on Friday that the study will be included in the school curriculum to maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings to realize the need for scientific waste disposal in view of the present reality.

Commenting on this, the minister said that many lessons on this subject have already been included in the sciences, social sciences and Malayalam textbooks. Shivanakutty said that a portion of how the state’s rivers are dealing with pollution is included in the Class V social science textbook, while the Class VI textbook includes waste disposal and vermicompost, biofertilizer and biogas.

Includes environmental related topics

Similarly, environmental pollution, sustainable agriculture, global warming and ways to reduce them, public health and waste in public places, nature conservation, etc. are discussed in various textbooks of classes VIII, IX and X. Nevertheless, more such topics will be added by the new curriculum committee.

Lunch begins on November 1st

The Minister of Education V Sivanakutty told the assembly that after lunch on November 1, lunch and lunch will be resumed in government and subsidized schools. The state government does not want students to starve after school reopens, the education minister said. Midday meals will be distributed in all schools keeping in mind the Kovid protocol. Soap and sanitizer are available in all schools. There will be thermal scanning of students every day.

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