NASCOM said – Top 5 IT companies plan to employ 96 thousand people this year

During the Corona Crisis, when people’s jobs were losing, the 5 biggest companies in the IT sector were going to find thousands of jobs. In fact, this claim has been made by IT business firm NASCOM. According to a statement released by NASSCOM, India’s top 5 IT companies are planning to hire more than 96,000 employees. This statement by NASSCOM is in response to Wednesday’s report that, due to automation, top IT companies are expected to eliminate 30 lakh jobs by 2022.

New jobs will be created

In a statement by NASSCOM, “With the evaluation of technology and increasing automation, the nature of traditional IT jobs and roles will evolve and lead to the creation of new jobs. In addition, it said the IT sector employs more people in the skilled talent sector and will employ 1 lakh 38 thousand people in fiscal year 2021. NASCOM says IT companies have set a strong plan for more than 96,000 appointments in the financial year 2021-22.

Employing more than 40 thousand fresh digital trend talent Gone

“The industry employs more than 25,000 employees in digital skills and employs more than 40,000 new digital talent. They are moving towards rapid growth in workforce capabilities.

On the other hand, according to NASSCOM, the Business Process Management (BPM) industry in India employs more than 1.4 million or 1.4 million people (excluding domestic and domestic), but not nine million, i.e. 9 million in the Bank of America study. This is stated in the report cited. The IT-BPM sector has provided employment to about 4.5 million people till March 2021, up to 45 lakh people.

In the report IT It was said that 30 lakh jobs were lost in the sector

Significantly, there has recently been a report that IT companies are moving towards automation, and as a result, these companies are preparing to eliminate nearly 3 million jobs by 2022. By doing this, the companies were said to have saved 100 billion (Rs 7.3 trillion). According to the report, the top 5 IT companies, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra and Cognizant, are preparing for layoffs due to automation by 2022.

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