Namita Sharma, who failed five times at UPSC, knows the secret of her success

Success Story of IAS Topper Namita Sharma: The journey of the UPSC will prove to be a long one for some people. After years of struggling, they find success. During this time, his patience is also tested. Today we will tell you the story of Namita Sharma, an IAS officer after failing 5 times at UPSC. His patience grew stronger during the UPSC journey. You also get inspired by listening to their story.

After work, the UPSC idea came up
After completing her degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Namita joined a good company. He worked for about 2 years, after which he decided to move to UPSC. However, in the initial attempts, their luck was not good and they failed.

Fucked four times in pre-test
You will be surprised to know that Namita Sharma failed four times in the UPSC pre-test. Despite this, she did not lose her courage and worked hard. He reached the interview on the fifth attempt but luck was not good and the name did not appear on the final list. Namitha Sharma continued to work hard after this and fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS in 2018 by earning the All India Rank 145.

Watch Namita Sharma’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Namita’s advice to other candidates
Namita believes that for success in UPSC, you need to adapt your own strategy according to your strengths. You don’t earn anything by copying someone else’s strategy. They believe that if you work hard with a good schedule and patience, you will surely succeed.

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