Mumbai court bans Selman Bhoi game based on Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case

Mumbai’s civil court has banned Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case ‘Selman Bhai’, popularly known as Bollywood’s Dabang Khan. Judge K.M. Jaiswal has completely banned the game when ordering. The court has banned broadcasting, launching or re-launching game maker Parody Studios Pvt Ltd and reproducing any content related to the court. The court has ordered the removal of the game from platforms other than the Google Play Store.

‘Privacy Violation’
The Mumbai Civil Court said, “When we look at Prima Fasi, the game and its photos, it seems to be related to Salman Khan’s identity and the case of his hit-and-run.” The court said that Salman Khan never agreed to the game. When Salman Khan does not give his consent to the making of the game, the court has in his order agreed that it is similar to his identity and the case against him. Was also damaged.

Salman Khan applied
The court has said that game makers have used Salman Khan’s popularity for financial gain. Salman Khan filed a petition last month against the makers of the game, saying that the ‘Salman Bhoi’ accent resembles that of Khan’s popular name ‘Salman Bhai’. At the same time, lawsuits have also been filed against Google LLC and Google India Private Limited.

The game has three levels
Please tell me that this game is entirely based on hit and run case. In this, cartoon photos of Salman Khan are used. There are three stages in the Salmon Bhoi game. In the first level, Selman kills a deer and a man-like character in a place like Bhoi Park.

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