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More than 29% of candidates qualify in JEE Advanced 2021

JEE Advanced 2021: 41 thousand 862 candidates have qualified for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advance 2021 for admission to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) this year. This is 29.54 per cent of the total number of applicants. Mridul Agarwal of the IIT Delhi Zone is the All India Topper this time, while Kavya Chopra (Rank 98) is the All India Topper. Mridul Agarwal scored 348 points for 360 while Kavya Chopra scored 286 points. Dhananjay Raman and Anant Lunia of Delhi have finished second and third in the examination.

JEE More than 1 lakh candidates appear in Advance 2021

This year, 699 candidates out of 1 lakh 41 thousand attended the entrance exam held on October 3, 2021. Of the 838 candidates out of 1 lakh 50 thousand, 43 thousand 204 (28.64 per cent) were eligible last year. Of them, 61 out of 16 thousand candidates were given seats.

In the top-100 IIT Delhi and IIT A large number of candidates from Bombay Zone

The figures for 2019 and 2018 show that the percentage of eligible candidates is 23.99 and 20.62 respectively. And this year, 28 candidates from the IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay zones each qualified in the top 100. 27 candidates are from IIT Hyderabad, 13 from IIT Roorkee, 3 from IIT Kanpur and 1 from IIT Kharagpur. No candidates are eligible in IIT Guwahati.

6442 women were included in the eligible candidates.

In JEE-Advanced 2020, the maximum is 396, this year it is 360. Eligibility scores for the IIT Kharagpur exam are the same as last year, 5 per cent in each subject and 17.5 per cent in total. Candidates must meet the subject matter and total eligibility marks to be included in the rank list. Debashish Chakravarti, President of Test Organization, IIT Kharagpur, said 6,452 eligible candidates were women. 285 women out of 32 thousand were examined.

Let me tell you that the eligible candidates will be given seats from the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSA) on October 16, ie from today.

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