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Microsoft asked Apple users to immediately implement these security settings

Microsoft Apple Security Setting: Microsoft has stated security on Apple’s Mac OS, which gives hackers access to user data by bypassing transparency, consent and control (TCC) technology in the OS. According to Microsoft, it has been reported to Apple through Microsoft Security Vulnerability Research (MSVR). As a result, Apple has released a security patch for CVE-2021-30970 as part of a security update released on December 13, 2021. Meanwhile, Microsoft has requested Mac OS users to install these security settings as soon as possible.

Transparency, Consent and Control Technology, or TCC, is a subsystem introduced by Apple in macOS Mountain Lion in 2012. TCC technology is intended to prevent applications from accessing users’ personal information without their consent and knowledge. The settings for TCC can be found in System Preferences (System Preferences> Security and Privacy> Privacy) on MacOS.

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With TCC, users can configure their MacBook’s privacy settings, such as camera or microphone settings, or their iCloud account. Apple instituted a security measure for TCC that prevented unauthorized code execution and implemented a policy that allowed limited TCC access to applications with full disk access.

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In a Microsoft blog post, “We have found that it is possible to programmatically change the target user’s home directory and install a duplicate TCC database, which collects the consent history of application requests. If the patch is not corrected, hackers can access it. Or it can install its own app and access the microphone to record private conversations or capture screenshots of sensitive information displayed on the user’s screen

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