Mandya sumalatha ambarish and murugesh nirani visit mining area

MUMBAI: Parliamentarian Sumalatha Ambarish today called on mining workers in Mandya to protest mining in the district.

He first visited the mining area near TM Hosur in Srirangapatna taluk. Parliamentarian Sumalatha Ambarish has instructed Minister Murugesh Nirani to inform the authorities about the illegal mining of Dilip Construction. Murugesh Nirani then said that Dilip Construction would take the illegal mining report and fined him. He also said that he would take action against those who did not pay royalties and take the royalties from him.

Speaking to media persons, Sumalatha Ambarish said, “I have raised my voice against the illegal mining across the Mandya district since I became an MP. My intention is not to be unfair to my people and farmers, I am in favor of development. But in some parts of Mandya district, illegal mining is taking place and this is unfair to farmers. That is why I told Minister Murugesh Nirani about this. He said he was coming with them today and checking.

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