Learn who Rajiv Agarwal is in charge of Facebook’s new head of public policy

Social media giant Facebook has hired its new public policy chief. The company has appointed former IAS officer Rajiv Agarwal as director of public policy in India. Facebook India reported on this. Aggarwal has replaced Ankhi Das in this important post. Das had resigned from his post after getting into controversy last year. & Nbsp;

Who is Rajiv Agarwal? < /strong>
Rajeev Agarwal, a UP cadre officer in the 1993 batch of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), will be the new head of public policy, Facebook said in a statement. These include user protection, data protection and privacy.

Former public policy chief of UBER < /strong>
Rajiv Agarwal will be working in this role under Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director, Facebook India. He will be part of the Indian leadership team. Previously, Rajiv Aggarwal served as head of public policy in India and South Asia at the online taxi service provider UBER. & Nbsp;

26 years of service in government < /strong>
Rajiv Agarwal has served as Indian Administrative Officer (IAS) for 26 years. He has worked as a District Magistrate in nine districts of UP. As Joint Secretary in the Department of Industry and Internal Trade Promotion, he was in charge of India’s first National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and was instrumental in the digital transformation of India’s Intellectual Property Offices. & Nbsp;

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