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Learn what is Digital Health ID and how you can register

Digital Health ID: With the launch of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission project, the Government of India is ready to take the Digital India initiative to the next level. Notably, this project is nothing more than a health ID feature for the public. This project is said to bring about a change as UPI has revolutionized payments. At launch, it was emphasized that citizens would be able to access healthcare facilities in just one click.

Under this mission, all Indians get a 14-digit unique health ID similar to the Aadhaar number. This ID includes all health records of the individual. It can be used for purposes such as identifying the person, confirming the person, and accessing personal health records with their consent in many settings.

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These documents are required

To create a Digital Health ID, you must provide a mobile number, name, gender, year of birth and address. Alternatively, you can create it using your Aadhaar number. Keep in mind, however, that using your Aadhaar to create a digital health ID is optional. The government is expected to implement the ability to use PAN cards, driving licenses and other documents to create a health ID.

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Register this way

Step 1: Visit the National Digital Health Mission’s official website https://nha.gov.in/
Step 2: Open the NDHM ID application and click on the Registration Form page.
Step 3: Enter details like name, phone number etc.
Step 4: Click on the Register button.
Step 5: Now, check OTP and fill in more details.
Step 6: Click on Submit button.

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