Learn tips on how Vishal Narvade succeeded at UPSC after nearly 7 years of struggle

IAS Topper Vishal Narvade’s Success Story: Success at UPSC requires hard work and dedication. Whoever patiently prepares here, they will surely reach their destination. Today we tell you the story of Vishal Narvade, who passed the UPSC exam, who has faced five consecutive failures at UPSC. Despite this, he did not lose courage and fulfilled his civil service dream by getting All India Rank 91 on the sixth attempt. Vishal tells you what strategy after success.

Do not compare yourself with others
Vishal believes that during the preparation of the UPSC, you should not compare yourself with other people. They say everyone’s abilities are different and everyone studies in different ways. In such a situation, trust yourself and strive in the right direction with limited sources. Apart from this, another important thing is that you will not change your sources again and again. If you change books from time to time, your preparation will not be complete.

How to Prepare a Strategy for UPSC
Vishal believes that the UPSC curriculum is very broad. In such a situation, prepare the material according to weight. Determine your subject’s priority first and then make your schedule. Try to read each subject in depth and make short notes while studying. He says revision is very important for prerequisites. You will refine more and more.

Watch an interview of Vishal Narvade’s Delhi Knowledge Track here

Vishal advice to other candidates
Vishal believes that you should rest after completing your preparation. Look at the test positively and try to do well. When preparing for UPSC, they believe that you should take care of your mental and physical health. If you take the pressure off it will prove to be very harmful to you. So be prepared with a positive attitude. With hard work, you can definitely achieve success.

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