Learn IAS Sachin Gupta’s Preparation Tips by Passing the UPSC Exam twice in a row

IAS Topper Sachin Gupta’s Success Story: The tactics of some people in the UPSC civil service are effective enough to pass the UPSC exam many times over. Today we tell you the story of Sachin Gupta, an IAS officer after passing the 2017 Civil Services Exam. On his first attempt at UPSC, Tendulkar failed, but later he dashed his dream of becoming an IAS in two successive exams. Let’s learn about their strategy.

Preparing to start after engineering
Sachin Gupta was originally from Sirsa, Haryana. He decided to pursue an engineering degree after the interim and then he began preparing for UPSC. He had an early dream of becoming an IAS officer and he worked hard for this. He failed in the first attempt, but achieved All-India rank 575 in the second attempt. But they did not get the IAS service. In such a situation, he tried again and achieved All India Tier 3 and fulfilled his dream.

Sachin has done such a trick
Sachin first looked at the UPSC curriculum and prepared the study material accordingly. After this, he watched the interviews of all the toppers and then strategized according to their strengths. Topics like the interview with Toppers, they put it in the strategy. Then began to work hard. He was determined to be an IAS officer at any cost. That is why do not fear defeat and work hard and succeed twice.

Watch Sachin Gupta’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Sachin Gupta advises other candidates
Sachin believes that you should have a positive attitude when preparing for UPSC. If you are ready for civil services without fear, you will be able to excel in exams. Sachin believes that you should enter the UPSC field with a strong intention. Confront the challenges that come up here and achieve your goal.

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