Learn How To View WhatsApp Status Without Users Knowing, Here’s The Simple Trick

WhatsApp users put their status on the app and see the status of others. Many times we want to see someone’s condition but the person in front of us doesn’t want to know whether we have seen his condition or not. Today we’re going to tell you such a trick, with the help of which you can see without knowing anyone’s condition. Let us know how.

Turn this feature off like this
To turn off Blue Tick, first go to WhatsApp’s settings.
After going to Settings, go to account now.
Once this is done, going to privacy, a selection of reading receipts will appear.
Now turn this option off. Once this is done the blue tick feature is turned off.
Once this feature is turned off, you can see the status of someone, not your name.
In addition, after this feature is turned off, sending a message will not be able to detect whether your message has been read or not.

Read these WhatsApp messages without opening a chat box
To read WhatsApp messages, first go to the phone’s home screen and long press the multitasking option here.
Now you will see some new options here from which to choose the widgets option.
Here you can see the different shortcuts of different apps.
In these you need to find WhatsApp Shortcut.
Now you can drag and drop WhatsApp shortcuts anywhere.
After doing this, you will see no new message opened.
But if you click on the message, you will go straight to WhatsApp Chat.

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