Learn how to remove your Google Account from a lost phone, this simple process

In a crowded area, our phones are falling or stolen somewhere and we don’t know it. In such a case, we worry about how to remove the Google Account from it. If this happens to you and you are worried about your Google Account, we will solve your problem today. Tell us how to delete your Google Account from your lost phone.

Delete your Google Account from a lost phone like this

To delete a Google Account from a lost phone, first go to www.google.com.
Now go to Security here and click Manage Devices.
Once this is done, your DeviceCheck option comes up, where all of your Google Devices sign-in details of all the devices.
You can sign out here by clicking on the three dots on any device you want to remove your Google Account from.

How to enter a password in Google History

To enter a password in Google History, first open activity.google.com in your web browser.
Keep in mind that your Google Account must be signed in when applying for a password.
Once this is done, you should click Manage My Activity Check.
As soon as you click on it, additional verification is required and no additional verification is written in front of you.
You need to save it by selecting the need for additional verification.
As soon as you save, you’ll be asked for your Google Account password to verify.
As soon as you enter a password, your Google search history is protected by a password and no one can verify it.
On the other hand, if you want to remove the password from the search history, the same process will remain, you should choose no additional verification.
After this your search history will be visible again.

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