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Learn how the TruColor tells the customer before the call, complete math

TruColor Features: TrueColor, the leading caller ID platform, is doing something amazing for many people, showing the caller ID before the call is actually connected. The change has been raising questions, with many calling on the Swedish company to explain how it warns of incoming calls.

First, let’s see how the caller IDs are already visible

  • As many of you may have already noticed, Truecaller displays a caller ID alert that reads ‘Incoming Call By’ and includes the caller’s name.
  • Approximately 3-4 seconds before the call is actually connected, the notification will pop up and the phone will start to ring as the user answers.
  • Many people are wondering how this will know who to call Trucaller first.

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Truecaller says it uses the Internet on the caller’s device

In a blog post, TruColor explained the topic by saying that the ‘Caller Connect Before Call Connect’ feature works by sending an alert to the receiver (TruColor user) using the caller’s mobile data / Wi-Fi (another TruColor user). .
And, “Because data / Wi-Fi is faster than a normal cellular network, notifications will reach you first before the actual call arrives,”.

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Security is still a question

This feature works well and is helping many Truecaller users and although the company claims it is completely secure, its backend work is not completely clean and we are absolutely sure about it. It may not be so secure.

However, if you don’t want your name to go before you call, you can disable it by going to the app’s settings, besides uninstalling the app from your phone. This feature is a notification feature before a call is made if both the caller and the recipient are on the phone with TruColor.

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