Know which smartphone phone is slow, which app is slowing down

Tips for making smartphones faster: Device sluggishness is becoming common in smartphones. If you want to prevent your smartphone from slowing down, you need to know which app slows down your smartphone. Here are some tips you can try to find out which app is using the most RAM and device storage. Tell us what they are.

  • First go to Settings
  • Go to Settings and click Storage / Memory.
  • In the Storage list, you can see what content is using the phone’s most storage space.
  • This list shows the use of internal memory.
  • Then click on memory.
  • Now click on the memory used by the apps.
  • This list shows you application usage at 4 RAM intervals (3h, 6h, 12h and 1 day).
  • With this you know which mobile app is using as much RAM.

You can kill or uninstall applications that consume too much RAM quickly. If the phone’s internal storage is almost full, this is a great reason to slow down the phone.

Internal storage of the device must be kept open. This speeds up the phone. Make sure to restart your phone once every day.

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