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Know these things before buying an earphone or headphone, they are worth the profit

Headphone and Earphone Tips: The demand for earphones, headphones and earbuds is increasing in India. There are many different types of earphones, headphones and earbuds available in the market. In such a situation, it is difficult for people to choose the best option. People are not able to decide if earphones are right or earbuds. Today we will tell you a few things to keep in mind that you might consider buying earphones, headphones or earbuds.

Earphones and headphones

  • There are two types of earphones or headphones available in the Indian market – Wired and Bluetooth.
  • It is necessary to charge Bluetooth headphones or earphones. They are a bit heavy because they have a built-in battery.
  • If you have to use headphones for many hours every day, you buy wired headphones.

On ear headphones

  • Ear headphones cover the entire ear.
  • They are also big in size, which is why larger drivers can be easily fitted, which gives them harder sound and better bass.
  • After applying these, the outside noise is very low as it covers your entire ear.
  • Ear headphones put pressure on the ears.


  • Earbuds are an acronym for Headphones.
  • It has the feel of earphones and headphones.
  • Earbuds are slightly more expensive than earphones.

According to Jack

  • Most headphones and earphones come with a 3.5mm jack.
  • Some headphones come with USB Type-C connectivity.
  • USB-Type-C headphones cannot be used when charging because there is only one port available for charging and connectivity.
  • The best option is to pick up headphones with different charging and connectivity.
  • This problem can also be remedied by wireless speakers or earphones.

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