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Know the salary, job and responsibility of an IPS officer

IPS Officer Salary: Every year millions of students take the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam, but only a few thousand students succeed. Indian Police Service (IPS) Officers are elected only after passing the UPSC Examination, their responsibility is to ensure law and order. Often people want to know the salary of an IPS officer and what other benefits they get.

Get to know an IPS officer
At the same time, the Indian Police Service, the Indian Police Service (IPS) is also a civil service job, which is available to eligible candidates after the IAS rank. Their responsibility is to maintain order and order in society. IPS aspirants are an important part of the Indian police service. The officers selected under the Indian Police Service (IPS) work to maintain law and order. Promoted from SP as DIG, IG, DGP. Only IPS officers do the job of law enforcement in the country. For this, IPS officers must undergo rigorous training.

What is the salary of an IPS officer?
According to the 7th Pay Commission, an IPS officer paid Rs. In addition, many allowances are paid to IPS officers, including tuition. On the other hand, if an officer reaches the post of DGP, he gets about Rs 2 lakh to 25 thousand rupees per month. The officer appointed to the post of DGP receives the highest salary.

Apart from salaries, IPS officers receive these benefits
IPS officers receive other privileges based on various pay-bands. The IPS officer gets a house and a car. However, the size of the house and car is determined on a post basis. Officers are also provided housing assistance, security guards, drivers etc. depending on the post. Apart from medical treatment for IPS officers, the government also pays telephone and electricity bills. IPS officers are allowed to take study leave for study abroad and the cost is borne by the government. IPS officers also receive a lifetime pension after retirement.

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