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Keep this special device with you when traveling in the car, this way it will work for you

Electric Tire Air Pump: If you are the owner of a car and you come and go with it, this news is very useful to you. In this we will tell you about the most useful tool for travel. Often times the air in the desert is reduced to tire. Driving a tire with low winds can be dangerous. This can lead to accidental tire puncture. It is also impossible to visit a mechanic on a desolate and empty road. In such a situation, putting air in the tire is a big challenge, but now you can overcome this challenge with a special gadget. With this special gadget, you’ll be able to fill the tire’s air in just a few minutes. Tell us what this device is and how much it costs.

Can be easily carried in a pocket

The name of this special device is the Mi 145 psi portable electric tire air pump for car and bike. Its size is the same as a smartphone. You can easily carry it in a pocket. It looks like a Bluetooth speaker. Speaking of its specialty, with this small device, you can fill the air of the tire in minutes. This air compressor device has a nozzle with a wall on it. This wall fits comfortably in any car’s tire. Once the wall is installed, the air pressure should be released.

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Air pressure can also be checked

The device also features an LCD display, in which you can see the air pressure of your car’s tire. This gadget runs on a battery that needs to be charged with a USB charger. With a single charge, you can easily fill 2 tires with air.

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How much is the price

Now if we talk about the price of this device, it’s not so much. Depending on the need and importance the price of the device seems low. It is available in the market at around Rs 3499. Many online shopping sites also offer discounts on this. In such a situation, it will be less than the original price.

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