Jaggesh Darshan fans forgiveness sandalwood navarasa nayaka jaggesh

Mysore: Actor Darshan has protested on the set of Thotapuri on the issue of actor Jaggesh talking about challenging star Darshan.

Darshan fans who rushed to the Thotapuri shooting in T Narasipuram in Mysore have begged to apologize.

Jaggesh has apologized to fans of ‘D’ Boss’ ”, and has made a ruckus between Darshan and me. There is politics in the film industry. Has conspired. I never talked about Darshan that way. I talked about a magazine. Keeping this idea in mind, I have been insulted. Actor Jaggesh made it clear to Darshan fans that there is big politics going on in the industry.

Shouting against Jaggesh, Darshan should apologize to him. Fans have asked Jaggesh what it is like to be a veteran actor. Actor Jaggesh has also tried to call actor Darshan.

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