Is money sent to someone else’s account by accident? So learn how to get back

Contactless payment has gotten a boost in the corona era. People now prefer to pay via UPI or wallet or account instead of cash. But it is often seen that hurrying money sends you into someone else’s account and into someone else’s account. After that we now feel that we have lost money and will not be returned. It’s not like that. If you mistakenly transfer money to another person’s account, you get your money. There is a banking process for this, after which it is possible. Tell us how you can recover wrongly transferred money.

Do this work if money is mistakenly transferred to another account
If you have mistakenly transferred money to another person’s account, first go to your bank to find out who has the money.
Now contact the bank of the person who transferred the money incorrectly.
You can get your money back by giving proof that the money has been transferred incorrectly.
According to the Reserve Bank, if money is withdrawn without your permission, you will need to notify the bank in three days about the incident.
Doing this can save you money. The bank sends the money to your account.

Increase in such incidents
For some time, many such incidents have come to the fore, in which people’s money has been transferred to the wrong account. Furthermore, people are falling victim to online fraud. Many people pretend to be bankers and even receive fake phone calls. Such incidents increased rapidly during the corona period.

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