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Intel Alder Lake processors for the best gaming experience

New software: Intel has officially revealed all the information about its long-awaited 12th generation Alder Lake processors. However, the situation is still unclear as to its release date. The company has suggested that it can launch in early 2021 and people can buy it from the market. Let me tell you, some media reports say it will be launched in October, November and December. Here’s what’s special about Intel’s Alder Lake processors.

What’s going to be special?

That being said, the Intel 12th Gen processor is quite different. It is built with an Intel 7 processor and is the first processor to use Intel’s new hybrid architecture. Different architecture means you need a new Z690 motherboard to upgrade. Intel’s latest hybrid technology combines different cores on the same chip. One of these two separate cores is the Big High Powered Performance Core (P-Core), and the other is the Small Low Powered Efficiency Core (E-Cores). While P-Cores perform single-threaded work, E-Cores perform background activity with multitasking. This new processor supports DDR5 (up to 4800) memory.

The best gaming processor right

The company claims that the Corei9-12900K CPU of the Alder Lake processors is the best gaming processor in the world. Intel 12th Gen features a new hybrid architecture with backup of up to 16 cores and up to 24 threads.

What would be the price

The price of this new processor is higher than that of the previous processor. Its price varies in different categories. Let’s look at it one by one.

12Th – Gen Core i9

i9-12900K: Up to 3.2GHz P-core / 2.4 E-core / 5.2GHz boost – (44764 rs.)

i9-12900KF: Up to 3.2GHz P-core / 2.4 E-core / 5.2GHz boost – (42864 rs.)

12Th – Gen Core i7

i7-12700K: Up to 3.6GHz P-core / 2.7 E-core / 5.0GHz boost – (31084 rs.)

i7-12700KF: Up to 3.6GHz P-core / 2.7E-core / 5.0GHz Boost – (29184 rs.)

12Th – Gen Core i5

i5-12600K: Up to 3.7GHz P-core / 2.8 GHzE-core / 4.9GHz Boost – (21964 rs.)

i5-12600KF: Up to 3.7GHz P-core / 2.8 GHzE-core / 4.9GHz boost – (Rs. 20064)

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