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Instagram users will soon get this cool feature, with Telegram getting a challenge

Instagram’s new feature: The process of adding new features from Instagram is ongoing. This company, owned by Meta, is offering more than one feature to its users. Now the company is working on a special feature (Instagram special feature). Since its launch, this social media platform has become more fun. In fact it is discussed that Instagram is working on the screen sharing feature during the current video call. It will be released soon after being released for testing. Tell us in detail what this feature is and how it works.

This way it works

According to the report, the meta team has been working on this special feature for the past few days. Under this, you will soon get the option of screen sharing during a video call on Instagram. Suppose you are connected to a video call on Instagram with your friend or acquaintance. If suddenly you or that friend needs to share your screen with each other, then you can do that by clicking on the screen sharing. With this you will be able to see the partners’ Instagram screen in the video call. This feature is first released for beta testing. This will be released to the user afterwards.

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This feature is currently in Telegram

If we talk about this feature, this special feature is currently available in the Telegram app, which is competing with Meta’s WhatsApp. Under this feature, telegram users can easily share their screens with each other during video calls. People have long been demanding such a feature on WhatsApp. Meta is currently preparing to bring it on Instagram. Now people are waiting for its release.

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