Instagram: Do you know why certain feeds only appear when scrolling through the app?

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, says it is important to clear up the misconceptions about how algorithms work. This helps users better understand how Instagram determines the sequence of feeds in the user app. Adam told Instagram that it uses a variety of algorithms, classifiers and processes, all of which have different purposes. Adam said viewing someone’s feed depends on what time a user shares the post.

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Adam Mosserry explained that Instagram shows someone’s feed over and over again in terms of the number of seconds a user has spent while posting, commenting, liking, and saving. Profile photo More views.

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According to Mossery, Instagram regularly updates the codes found in the feed. Mossery makes it clear that Instagram tries to avoid showing multiple consecutive posts of the same person. Also, once a post is uploaded, Instagram avoids showing it again and again so that the rest of the post can be viewed.

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