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Instagram brings many new features for users, making the job easier

New features on Instagram: The popular social media platform Instagram is bringing many new features to its users. With the help of these features, the user experience will be even more fun. The company has announced that it will test the ‘collabs’ feature, in which users can collaborate on feed posts and reels. This feature allows access to good music on fundraisers and reels.

This way it works
Instagram is “testing” this feature. According to the company, it allows users to merge both feed post and reel. To do this, users will be able to invite another account on Instagram by tagging. If another user receives it, it will be shown on both the Post and Reels account, which can be viewed by their followers. Many Instagram users have already seen this feature in the app since the company began testing the feature globally in July. Instagram is still announcing its test today. It remains to be seen how long this feature can be rolled out for the user.

It is also easy to work with on desktop
In addition, the company makes its Instagram desktop website more useful, allowing users to post photos and videos in less than a minute using their desktop web browser. The company can announce many new features on October 21st, which means tomorrow.

The ‘Take a Break’ feature will be rolled out
In addition, for the safety of users, Instagram is bringing a new feature to its platform, named the ‘Take a Break’ feature. Instagram is working on this feature. With its help, it is especially helpful to keep teens away from harmful content. Through this, users will be able to know whether they watch the same content repeatedly or not. Also, if the user is viewing content that he should not see, this feature will prompt him to watch some other content.

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