India’s second Google Cloud Region launched in Delhi-NCR, such facilities are getting better

Tech giant Google has announced the creation of its second Google Cloud Area in India. This Google Cloud Area will be built in Delhi-NCR, which will enable the company to serve customers in public areas, especially in India and across Asia-Pacific. This cloud area will be the second setup in India on Google. However, the company has not provided any information on its investment.

Increased demand in India
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurien says that we have seen demand for Google Cloud service in India increase. That’s why we’re expanding the cloud area here. This will lead to the development of the country in the coming years. Kurien said this new infrastructure would help India to deal with problems like disaster.

Mumbai has the first cloud area
Google’s first cloud area in India went live in 2017, covering three availability zones. The cloud area of ​​Delhi-NCR (which has three availability zones) is Google’s 10th setup in Asia Pacific and 26th globally. Cloud areas are physical geographic locations where public cloud resources are available.

Customers get help
Google’s Cloud customers working in India will get better service from Delhi-NCR Google Cloud Area. Having a new cloud area enables Google to offer tough competition to competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, which are rapidly expanding their operations in India.

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