Increase the battery life of the smartphone and make these changes in the settings

Battery power of any phone. If the phone’s battery starts to deplete soon, the phone will be difficult to use. Often older phones have a battery problem. As phones get older, their battery starts to drain faster. You have to charge the phone several times in a single day.

Many times it happens that when we do some important work, the battery runs out. By the way, new phones are starting to have similar problems. Today we will give you some tips on how to save the battery from depleting quickly.

Battery Saver

  • Go to your phone first.
  • The battery will be selected on the phone.
  • Keep in mind that the battery option can be named differently on every smartphone.
  • When you touch this option, you will see the Battery Saver option.
  • You must click on the Battery Saver option. After clicking, you will be prompted to turn on this option.
  • Let us tell you that this option is different for different phones.
  • By turning it on, background apps are closed and power consumption is reduced.

Location and GPS tracking

  • Use only when location and GPS tracking is required.
  • It often happens that both of these options remain, even if they are not required.
  • With both of these options turned on, the phone’s battery drains quickly.


  • Live wallpaper not only enhances the beauty of your phone but it also consumes more battery.
  • The best option is to place the photo as wallpaper.

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