In Himachal Pradesh, the government has decided that Class III students will learn Sanskrit

Sanskrit has been made compulsory by the third grade in government schools in Himachal Pradesh from the new academic year. That is, from the third grade, even the children of the state government schools now learn Sanskrit. This change has been made under the new education policy. The final decision was taken at a meeting chaired by the Education Minister on Tuesday.

Two Sanskrit chapters will be included in the Hindi book itself

It was decided at the meeting that two chapters of Sanskrit would be included in the Hindi textbook to teach children in grades 3 to 5. For this purpose, the Department of Education prepares two new lessons for Sanskrit and sends it to the School Board of Education for a change in curriculum. From the academic year 2021-22, it will be included in the Hindi Book of the School Education Board.

The number of chapters in class 4 and 4 will increase

It is important to note that only two chapters of the present Sanskrit are included in the third grade so that the little children do not have to be burdened with new material. However, the number of these chapters will be increased in the fourth and fifth grades. According to the officials of the Department of Education, students should not feel any inconvenience when the new subject is started from the sixth standard, which is why the initiative to launch the Sanskrit subject vocabulary from the third grade. JBT teachers teach children Sanskrit lessons. They will also be given proper training.

Along with this, Education Secretary Rajiv Sharma has asked the State Sanskrit Academy to provide the necessary material to teach Sanskrit chapters from Class III to Class 5 students. According to the Secretary of Education, it will be launched with a new academic session.

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