Improve your English skills with these tips, you will easily get the job done

Candidates are often asked in interviews: “Why should we hire you?” Many new Indian graduate students may fail to answer this question even if they know the answer. The main reason for this is that they do not have a good vocabulary to impress employers or they are not capable of expressing themselves.

Research by the University of Oxford and the Lok Foundation found that Corporate India rewards English fluency with a gain of more than 20-50%. Knowing this, candidates spend more than 5 thousand hours learning skills and degrees, but even 50 hours do not invest in expressing those skills.

Graduates suffer from a lack of English skills

Significantly, more than six million graduates enter the job market each year, with 93% of them earning an average of 2.5 lakh salaries each year and losing 35% of their income due to lack of English skills. This results in a total loss of revenue of Rs 50,000 crore per year. This is a material cost that Indian youth must pay for lack of English skills.

There are many career development opportunities for fluent English speakers

This alone does not result in revenue loss. Careers are sufficient for fluent English speakers. There are opportunities for career growth as well. Thousands of graduates work in front line sales and customer service call centers, they earn well but they always yearn for a good job profile and believe that fluency in English helps them achieve a professional upgrade.

You must know how important it is to speak English fluently. Here’s how you can begin to speak fluent English with a little bit of hard work.

Learn to speak English fluently with these tips

Try to survive in an English environment

Due to lack of English skills, many people shy away from them and then speak fluent English. But in order to learn English, it is necessary to live in such an environment where the language is being used more and more. Living in an English environment, you too will gradually start speaking in English. This slow start effort will soon improve your English skills a lot.

Read English books, novels, newspapers

Reading is the most important thing for learning. So if you want to speak English, you should practice reading English books, novels and daily English papers from now on. Go to the Internet and read English websites. Doing this will not only improve your grammar but also your vocabulary. As a result, you begin to speak fluent English.

Try to think in English

Try to think in English to speak English without hesitation. As you learn it, you have no one to speak to in English. The only tool to master the flow is to talk it out with you. The advantage of thinking in English is that there is no embarrassment in it. All you have to do is apply it to yourself so that your mind doesn’t have any thoughts in Hindi. Once this practice is done, no one can stop you from speaking fluent English.

Feel free to use the words you learned

Don’t be afraid to use the words you learned, add them to your vocabulary. When speaking a language, people face two problems – they cannot find words or form sentences. If you are learning words, at least one of your problems is being solved. If your vocabulary is good and you learn to make sentences, then speaking English will be much easier for you.

Watch movies with subtitles

Watching English language films helps a lot to learn English. See how they interact with each other in these films. You will start speaking English even after seeing this.

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