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IIT Madras Announces Masters Program in Electric Vehicles, which is the program

IIT Madras New Program: IIT Madras has launched a new Electric Vehicle Masters program for students who have witnessed continuous rapid growth and increase in usage of electric vehicles. These decisions have been taken to accelerate e-mobility and e-vehicle communication and to generate interest in students.

The Interdisciplinary Dual Degree (IDDD) course promotes student engagement with e-mobility. Undergraduate subject program B.Tech and Dual Degree students get the opportunity to take their place in the field of e-Mobility. Prepared in full cooperation with the University’s 8 departments, the program teaches students key skills related to electric vehicles. Students must enroll in B.Tech Integrated Course to enroll in the program. After that he can choose his discipline and join this new thing in the MTech program.
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Exciting time for the Immobility Zone
By January, third-year B.Tech students with a degree will be able to enroll in the program. Dual degree students will be able to combine this program with their discipline. Initially, the strength of this program will be 25. T Ashokan, Head of Engineering Design Division, said that the Engineering Design Division will conduct the event. Kartik Atmanathan, Professor of Practice at IIT Madras, said it was an exciting time for the Emotionality sector. We are clearly at a tipping point. It is important to have skilled resources in various aspects of EV engineering and mobility. We are now closely involved with the industry to this point of introducing formal programs for EVs and Immobility.

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